bleg! bleg! bleg!

You talked me into getting an iPhone. (Not you, Eszter. You!) Now I want to be able to synchronize my calendar with the computer on my desktop and synchronize my iTunes with my laptop. I want to do this because I keep all my appointments synced with Outlook on my desktop, but I can’t actually access the iTunes store from my desktop.* Does anyone know if I can do this? Does anyone know how I would even go about figuring out whether/how I can do this?

I was a little reluctant to upgrade to the iPhone because I thought the touchscreen would suck for texting given that I don’t have Mad Fine Motor Skillz.  Lo, it does suck.  I’ve been improving, and otherwise it’s been much fun, and I haven’t even yet downloaded the application that allows one to play Interactive Fiction games.

* Jeremy, you ask, why the [bother] can’t you access iTunes from your desktop? I suspect it broke when I made the changes that allowed me to break Internet Explorer on my machine, so that I couldn’t circumvent LeechBlock on Firefox with IE.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

11 thoughts on “bleg! bleg! bleg!”

  1. Can you install outlook on the computer with itunes?

    By the way, I played Violet on my ipod touch. Everything worked fine except the instructions for the plattypod didn’t wrap properly. I really enjoyed the game.


  2. Is it really important to “synchronize” with iTunes, or do you just want to put the music from the laptop on the iPhone? You can select “Manually manage the music on this iPhone” or whatever, and then just drag the music from your library.

    This will prevent the phone from believing it has to always receive information from the same computer, but it’s not clear to me how you would get the calendar information off of the desktop without access to iTunes.


  3. Two words: USB Turntable. It turns any flea market into the iTunes store, and it saves you the bother of twiddling with pre-amps and suchlike.


  4. @1 – Hey, thanks! I’m glad to know V. works on an iPhone, except for the screen wrap thing. I think I know why that might be. I have a list of little fixes for the Official Post Competition Release; I’ll add trying to fix that to make it fully iPhone compatible for the hordes of future generations that will want to play it.

    @2 – I didn’t know about the manually manage feature.

    @4 – I am not Windows-only. I have a Mac laptop and use it a lot for websurfing at home. I also wrote much of my secret hobby project on my Mac, but then switched because something about the Windows IDE for the language I used had a couple things I liked better. I’ve not found it as useful for anything with My Actual Job than what I was expecting when I bought it, mostly because of not scaling the learning curve to have Mac Skillz equivalent to my Windows Skillz.

    @5 – Clever-as-ever. However, I wouldn’t have the problem I do if I used Google Calendar. I use Outlook.


  5. I am not Windows-only. I have a Mac laptop and use it a lot for websurfing at home.

    I know this, but in these circumstances a certain ritual formulA must be followed.

    I wouldn’t have the problem I do if I used Google Calendar. I use Outlook.

    As far as I know there is no way to sync directly from Outlook to the iPhone, though I haven’t checked this to be sure. But you can easily sync from Outlook to Google calendar, and from Google calendar to the iPhone. I guess I wasn’t clear (or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean).


  6. Holy bother! You can sync Outlook with Google Calendar? This I did not know. The possibility NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO ME. This would have far broader and more awesome implications for my life.


  7. another option is MobileMe, which i didn’t like at first, but am coming around on, and even decided to actually pay for.


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