7 thoughts on “pirates!”

  1. One more thing (I’m clearly NOT over it): if you DID take over a massive oil taker, what you would do? I know, take oil. But how?!? Could you really take that much that it would be worth it? Wouldn’t you too need a big boat? And wouldn’t that make getting away harder?

    I see a carnal sociology project in this! People still do carnal sociology, no?


  2. Staggering facts from this latest story: the tanker is *three times* larger than an aircraft carrier and only comprises *one fourth of one day’s worth* of Saudi production.


  3. the Atlantic Monthly had a 2003 cover story called “Anarchy at Sea” that went into all sorts of details about this, though unfortunately it’s not on the open web. as i remember though it said fencing oil is really easy.


  4. Shakha: Basically, modern oil tanker piracy revolves around two simple scams. First, you can ransom the crew. Second, you can hijack the tanker and then unload the oil onto smaller ships who then sell it illegally. This is relatively easy to do because (a) tankers often have minimal, unarmed crews who don’t want to get shot and (b) you can pre-arrange to have smaller ships pull up, hook up a giant hose, and suck the tanker dry. The modern oil tanker, while huge, is actually just a floating pile of money.


  5. Hmmm… so fabio, what are we doing in sociology? There are floating piles of money out there for the taking! Why am I stuck here grading papers?!? One word: sucker.


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