happy birthday, scatterplot!

Scatterplot is one year old today! We also hit our 500,000th hit today. How exciting, eh? I kinda can’t believe that we average around 1350 hits per day. And that doesn’t include those of us who post (our hits aren’t included). It also made me wonder how much time this thing has sucked up. Let’s do some math. Say the average visit is 1 minute.

500000 minutes
8333 hours
1042 days (assume an 8 hour day)
208 weeks (assume working 5 days a week)
4 years (assume a 50 week work year)

Wow. If our time were pooled that would be about 4 years of work. Someone could get a lot done in four years (even if the average visit were 15 second that would still be a year!). Instead we were here. Well, I hope it’s been worth it. Andy said during a recent interaction, “we’re like a virtual department.” I like that idea. It makes it feel like it’s been a year (or four) well spent. Sing with me, “Happy birthday…”

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