scatterplot chat on election night

Whether you are eating gumbo or Texas caviar or enjoying a hot buttered rum while watching the election returns tomorrow night, rest assured that the rest of us will be similarly hunkered before a television set, besotten with perhaps unnecessary worry until the result is final, followed by emotions of one extreme or another.

For this evening of great promise, high stress, and endless waiting, please join me online at the Scatterplot 2008 Election chat room. I imagine that I’ll be logging in just about when the first polls close at 7pm EST, and I plan to be there until the bitter end. It will be as fun as the MarioKart party, but you’ll have less chance of getting blown up by Jessica’s 8-year-old son.

You’ll need an AOL account, which you can get for free. This is not an endorsement of AOL by any stretch, but I am hoping that this platform will be easiest to access from both Macs and PCs.

4 thoughts on “scatterplot chat on election night”

  1. An early sampling of chat — something tells me they’re not regular scatterplot readers.

    haze01884:i think obamas gonna win though unfortunatley
    haze01884:hopefully the confederacy will rise again lol
    chichi7791:yeah i do too
    haze01884:if people understood what obama actually stood for theyd vote mccain for sure
    chichi7791:oh yeah but a lot of people don’t do their homework or think for themselves…they vote for whoever hollywood is for, IMO


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