i’m just going to beat the rush and get my prediction in now


You wouldn’t believe the amount of science that went into this post if I told you, so I’m not even going to try.

9 thoughts on “i’m just going to beat the rush and get my prediction in now”

  1. I went with 338 as my prediction for the office pool here and on the Controlling Authority blog. But the 378 scenario was kind of my second choice. It seems like if things start to fall on the high side of the Obama prediction, this seems to me like he how it would end up. I think Montana and Arizona are out of reach.


  2. I’m not sure what to say as the North Carolina local here. It’s exciting to live in a bona fide swing state! I went up to the Roxboro area with a colleague from English this weekend to encourage “sporadic voters” to vote — we knocked on 25 doors or so and got a sense of what North Carolina politics is like outside the rarified Triangle area. Response was pretty positive, and there are lots of Obama signs around (though at least as many McCain signs too). Turnout is already incredibly high (roughly 40% of registered voters voted early, which puts us on track to beat all recent records for turnout overall). It’s also raining across most of the state. Bottom line: I think NC is going to be very close, but I’ll go ahead and predict it for Obama because I’m feeling good this morning.


  3. North Dakota is a problem right? I lost my house pool on North Dakota. Turns out this was a good thing since the surprise prize for winning was a couple of ducks. No, I’m not joking.


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