i can’t get anything done

I’ll admit it. I just can’t concentrate. How many times can I check 536, pollster, or real clear politics? Hundreds of times a day. I arrived at my office at 8AM with the best of intensions. It’s 10:50. I can’t get anything done. I don’t have any high hopes for tomorrow’s productivity either. Who else is an anxious wreck? Anyone calm? As you’ll note from my several recent posts, scatterplot is my distraction of choice.

10 thoughts on “i can’t get anything done”

  1. The frustrating thing about tomorrow will be that the news will be covering everything breathlessly but will not release ANYTHING before 7pm EST (luckily for me, that’s 4pm). Of course, some say you’ll “be able to tell” by what the pundits are/aren’t saying, but I won’t be satisfied until results start coming in. That won’t stop me from watching CNN all day from my office.


  2. I’m in the same boat. It’s terrible. I remember in graduate school one of my mentors told me that the election season in 2000 (pre-tenure for her) was her least productive time and she regretted it later. I vowed not to let that happen to me. Oh well. I have high hopes for the rest of November…


  3. Where I am (Ireland) results won’t really start to come in until one or two in the morning. My friends are currently discussing strategies for staying awake (avoid the comfy chair, do not get into pj’s, tea, coffee, red-bull).


  4. Aileen –

    My Irish family (all of my mum’s siblings and my cousins) have demanded that as soon as the election is called I send them a text. So they’re not staying up. But they want to know ASAP (or at least as soon as they wake up).

    My brother, who lives in London, has asked me to wake him up (call) as soon as the election is decided.


  5. I’ve been a mess all weekend. Saturday I canvassed for Obama knocking on doors and reminding people to vote on Tuesday. I got home and glued myself to the TV for hours listening to the spin and “what if” senarios that are needed for McCain to win. I’ve been checking 538 and different blogs as well. I can’t stop. I don’t even think I’ll stop once we know the results of the election. I have this feeling that Bush will announce some “little known” provision of the Patriot Act that allows him to stay in office in the event of a threat to national security. I think I’m paranoid.


  6. I’m with you (and at all the same sites). I’m not even going to try to write tomorrow. It’s not a teaching day for me, so I’ve signed up for phonebanking shifts, instead.


  7. I’m with daedalus. I used to watch elections fanatically, but this year I’m not going to watch a minute of it. The result will be the same either way.

    About the only thing that I’m excited to find out is whether or not fivethirtyeight beats the Iowa Electronic Markets or not. I’m rooting for modeling over markets, but the IEM has a pretty good record.


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