maybe I should check my e-mail again.

Earlier today I finished work on a paper I’ve been developing for the past couple of months. It’s sitting on my desk with the rest of the submission packet since the journal I’m sending it to is archaic enough to not have an online system. And despite the fact that I have another paper to work on, I’m finding it very difficult to do anything.


I refer to this as the post-paper slump and it always causes trouble for a few hours/days after I wrap up a project.


Does anyone else suffer from this disorder? Any good home remedies?

9 thoughts on “maybe I should check my e-mail again.”

  1. If only I could get my tone to sound good-natured, I’d give you a hard time for formulating a blatant brag as a self-effacing plea for help.

    Instead: good work on the paper, have a latte and think about how awesome you are for the whole rest of the afternoon.


  2. damn you, Drek! *I* want to send my paper out and have a post-paper slump…but, alas, mine is still sitting on my computer waiting to be worked on =)

    When I find myself in slumps like this, though — completely burned out and unmotivated to do much — I usually find something mindless to work on that needs to get done at some point (e.g., cleaning my e-mail, cleaning my desk, documenting those variables I made for my advisor ten months ago, catching up on sending e-mails that I should have sent, etc.)


  3. A few hours might be a record short post-paper slump. I agree with @3 if you absolutely feel the need to do some “productive” work. But if you’re like me, then you’ve probably neglected other things, work-related and otherwise, as you’ve finished up the paper so it is probably fortunate that most of us have these slumps that give us time for other things.


  4. post-paper, my office is usally a disaster. I put on podcasts of shows that I save for such an occasion (This American Life, Stories on Stage, New Yorker fiction), crank it up, hear a good story, and clean my office/desk.


  5. I find that the adage about home improvement applies equally well to writing papers for me- the last 10% takes as much time as the first 90%. (Typed as I should be working on paper revisions….)


  6. This experience is associated with ADHD:

    Alys 10-17-05, 05:38 PM

    I was diagnosed with ADHD about one year ago. Since then I have been taking medication and doing behavioral therapy.

    I am very busy all the time, but I am actually getting things done now. :eek:

    Once I finish with a big project and there is nothing left to do I do get really depressed. I am wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar. I feel like I am missing something really critical when there is no way I could be. I know I should be saying no to some of the projects so I can actually sleep, but as long as I keep a little level of stress I feel so much better. :eyebrow:

    Uminchu 10-17-05, 05:45 PM

    This is a pretty normal thing for ADD. I think it was Driven to Distraction that says something like “Learn to expect that you will feel letdown after achieving success.”


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