5 thoughts on “aol’s health column: perrin on the psychology of voting”

  1. what’s with comments with links getting spam-filtered more lately? (i think i just lost one there.) did you all have to ratchet up the security ’round here?


  2. @3: there you go. I don’t know what makes the spam filter work, but you have to admit that, not knowing that scatterplot loves us some shrinkingisaac, that comment is ripe for filtering.


  3. It appears that almost anything with even one external link in it gets filtered, at least if it has a “suspicious” email address (I’m not sure what makes it suspicious). I had to liberate one earlier today that was “awaiting moderation” due to links. It could be that if you have a wordpress account you are less likely to be filtered out. I suppose this means that we should tell legitimate commenters who want to include links to put up a no-links post calling our attention to the other one if the comment does not appear right away. I’ve had my own comments blocked on other sites when I used a different name with my email address that the one wordpress knows.


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