friday kid blogging: a postmodern moment

Husband and Kid are on the floor of the kitchen hallway, playing a game in which hockey cards are players and a penny is the puck:

Husband: I scored!
Kid: No, you didn’t.
Husband: Let’s check the computer.

(Husband and Kid each open pretend laptops to check the slow-motion replay)

Husband: The computer says it’s a goal!
Kid: My computer says no goal!

5 thoughts on “friday kid blogging: a postmodern moment”

  1. for the record, it was Kid who started the referencing of the imaginary computers for instant replay.

    also, for the record, it was a goal.


  2. Kid is brilliant! I thought it was noble to acknowledge his innovation. I am inclined to bestow the benefit-of-the-doubt on Husband.

    I also suspect it was a goal, although I am not sure how fiercely competitive this intra-familial rivalry is. Perhaps allowing for off-site independent video reviewers may be most satisfactory in the future? You are wise to remain skeptically neutral, Tina.

    Not the same, but sort of related: one of my nephews has a habit of changing rules in the middle of games. I have adjusted by accepting the rule changes, rather than arguing about them, with the assertion that the rule sticks. Then, the look on his face when I benefit–or win–because of the change is priceless.


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