what’s going to happen?

Any calls for the debate? What’s going to happen? I might “live-blog” the thing, provided I get back in time. My prediction: not much. It will be boring. There will be a few attacks. Obama would do well to say, again and again, “I’m not interested in attacks. I’m interested in solutions. The American people are hurting. I’m here to offer up solutions. Mine are…”

4 thoughts on “what’s going to happen?”

  1. Arugula: check
    Classical-music-playing: check
    Elitist: No, but i do study them!
    Out-of-touch: I haven’t called my mom in a while. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I remember The Onion having McCain say about Obama that he is a “gay-loving elitist Muslim”. They just forgot to add that he was also “threatening the fabric of democracy” (McCain yesterday about Ayers).


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