election results: status quo

Canadians joke that Americans don’t even notice us up here. Did you know that we had an election yesterday? We did, and the results are in: a continued minority government led by the Conservative Party. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will continue to be Prime Minister, but he will not get the additional power of a majority government that he was hoping for.

All these facts will be helpful in the event that, in about three week’s time, you find yourself looking to move to Canada.

(h/t for the video: Jay Livingston)

3 thoughts on “election results: status quo”

  1. Actually, as my NDP-supporting neighbor notes, having called the election for now:

    (1) Harper probably gets to r/a/p/e/ a/n/d/ p/i/l/l/a/g/e/ get his budget passed, because no one wants to go through this all again in six months and

    (2) Harper slid through a move to US-style (stuck with the dude for four years) elections just before calling for this one.

    So Harper doesn’t need the additional power, he just needs to continue to have Celine Dion as the leader of of the All-Too-Loyal Opposition.


  2. Ken, what is the move you refer to in #2?

    And I agree with you 100% that there is no appetite for another election here. Given the leadership vacuum in the Liberal Party, they will go along with the Conservatives for at least a year.


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