dear dad, i’m voting obama

I think my dad would be really angry if I didn’t vote Obama. But not so for Christopher Buckley, son of the right’s patron saint, William F. Buckley. I have enjoyed Christopher Buckley’s writings for years (though not his column on the back page of the National Review). But he has recently “come out” in favor of Obama. I am a highly partisan person. And actually have trouble voting for people who aren’t in my party. I might have made a good Trotskyite. I’d like to think otherwise – that I’m highly rational, driven by data and principles. But I tend to go down the party line. Except for this one time in Madison where I was forced to vote for a Republican because the green party candidate for Sheriff didn’t actually know what the office was for (his campaign literature addressed things like third world debt). It caused me great pain. I can only imagine how Buckley must feel. But oddly, even given my paristanship, I’m not empathetic. I’m gleeful. I’m not sure what that says about me. It’s certainly nothing good.

2 thoughts on “dear dad, i’m voting obama”

  1. Looks like he just resigned from the National Review because of his endorsement.

    “Mr. Buckley said he had “been effectively fatwahed by the conservative movement” after endorsing Barack Obama in a blog posting on; since then, he said he has been blanketed with hate mail at the blog and at the National Review, where he has written a column.”

    Does this make you feel better or worse?



  2. This also happened to a friend of mine. He was the poster child for the young conservative movement, and was made a trustee of the national review at 26; he also served as their director. (And I really do mean poster-child. He was featured in the NYTimes about it).

    But in 2006 he argued that the conservative movement was effectively intellectually bankrupt. They had lost their principles and become partisan hacks. See his essay here. He was asked to leave the National Review. He is no longer liked by those who praised him, because he publicly dissented. Buckly joins him.

    My friend now describes himself not as conservative, but “right wing”.

    The National Review has indeed become a partisan rag (in my view). It was not always such. Odd to say this, but I miss the days that Buckley edited it. I think he might be more ashamed of his journal than his son.

    NOTE: Yes, Austin Bramwell is my friend. Yes, he’s about as far right as they come. I have right wing friends. What can I say? Perhaps I’m not as partisan as I thought.


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