funny, netflix doesn’t usually ship me propaganda.

After work yesterday I stopped by my mailbox to discover mostly the usual- bills, junk mail, a magazine or two- as well as something rather unexpected. I had received- absolutely free- a copy of a movie named “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.”* Seriously! It looks just like this:

This film is produced and, it would seem, distributed by a non-profit called the Clarion Fund, which claims that its mission is to “…educate Americans about issues of national security.” Interestingly enough, “issues of national security” so far only seems to be double-secret code for “murderous Muslims,” given that the only other movie they have produced, or are in the process of producing, is called The Third Jihad. Oh, yeah, and their “online education” section consists of a website with the url Definitely not kidding:

A little investigation leads me to think that the Clarion Fund is not quite as neutral and non-partisan as they would have us believe and is, instead, most likely an arm of Aish Hatorah. For those who are unfamiliar, Aish Hatorah is a staunchly pro-Israel orthodox Jewish organization. So, basically, “Obsession” is a movie produced by a pro-Israel group portraying Muslims in an extremely unfavorable light. Play it back-to-back with an interview of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and you’ll more or less have a summary of conflict in the middle east for the last half century or so.

Now, I’m not going to say that the Clarion Fund doesn’t have the right to make whatever movies it wants. Indeed, if they want to squabble with Muslims, that’s their business. But is it too much to ask that they keep it out of my mailbox?

* Purely out of curiosity, has anyone else received one of these gems?

10 thoughts on “funny, netflix doesn’t usually ship me propaganda.”

  1. I totally got one of these two weeks ago – haven’t watched it yet, but I’m contemplating turning it into a drinking game. Every time they show a Muslim with a gun, take a shot? How do you think they got our addresses? It was actually addressed to me by name, too, which was a little creepy.


  2. I got one as did my husband. We’re anthropologists, and my suspicion was that it was a direct mailing to the AAA mailing list, but now that I think about it I get my AAA mail at the office not at home. Hmmm.


  3. It was distributed as paid advertising by many newspapers a week or two ago, including Raleigh’s quickly deteriorating News & Observer. The Greensboro News & Record, to its credit, refused to distribute it on the grounds that it was divisive and served no educational purpose.

    There was a lot of controversy in letters to the editor to the N&O after the distribution, with essentially predictable rhetoric. Some said it was hate speech and irresponsible; others said it made clear that “radical islam” was different from Islam in general. Very few noted the lengths the Clarion Fund went to to disguise who they are, or to seek to distribute particularly in swing states.


  4. We got them here in Pennsylvania too……it made me sick to think about it. I want to watch it, but it is an hour long and I am not sure I could make it through.


  5. I recently cancelled netflix because we use on demand to get our movies. But if they sent me this, I would cancel. That’s whack.


  6. By not living in a swing state, I thankfully miss out on distasteful or extremist propaganda. It is interesting how many fewer phone calls, pamphlets, and door-to-door visitors I’m getting now that I live in MA compared to when I lived in PA, NH or NJ.


  7. I didn’t get one, but I know they arrived with newspapers a couple of weeks ago. Particularly frightening in Michigan give our very large Muslim population. Blech and grrrr…


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