what page is that on?

Today I picked up a magazine. The Table of Contents was found on page 96. Choosing the next 30 pages, 97-126, as a sample, I discovered that exactly two of them contained page numbers. Both of these page numbers were on pages containing material not covered in the table of contents (one was a continuation of an article that began before the Table of Contents, the other was the second page of the Table of Contents!). We know why page numbers are missing–so we have to see ads while we’re searching. But given all this, I do wonder why they even bother with the Table of Contents at all.

5 thoughts on “what page is that on?”

  1. If it was Vanity Fair…what did you think of that Putin article? Pretty fascinating stuff, I’d say. For a two-fer, last week’s NYer had a piece on a radio station in Moscow that has been critical of Putin’s administration…


  2. Given it’s September—er, October—it’s clearly VF. Or a magazine that has been sitting around for a while.

    Except that their ToCs generally start in the 40s or 50s at the latest, and just continue into the 90s so you have to page through the adverts.


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