eid mubarak!

Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan!

Eat a date. Celebrate! This Eid (meaning: party, celebration, or festivity) is what I always describe as “the Christmas Eid”. It’s more celebratory – folks having just completed Ramadan. This one is Eid ul-Fitr. The other Eid (Eid ul-Adha) is more like the Easter Eid. It’s more somber. It celebrates Abraham’s willingness to scarfice Isaac. Oh, and yes, that video is silly. You can make fun of it. I think it’s ridiculous. But hey, it’s a celebration!

2 thoughts on “eid mubarak!”

  1. I am going to my first Eid feast ever on Saturday and I am so excited!! It is hosted by a friend whose feast was featured in the Chicago Tribune last year – I am sure i will be monitored by the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security for months if not years after this!! Everything is authentic and he cooks forever.

    My friends do make a few cultural adjustments for american liberals — apparently the men are supposed to give the women and children money but they substitute chocolate coins for everyone. also, there is alcohol which should be off limits. But the food and tradition otherwise is authentic and I cannot wait!!!


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