call me persnickety. i don’t care.

1. If I agree to review a paper, but then I am sent the paper and it is not double-spaced (and over 10 pages), I will not review it.

2. If I am sent a paper that is said to be a double-spaced version of the paper I was sent, but then I open it up and it is a paper on a completely different topic, I will not review that paper either.


It took about an hour, most of it spent on hold, but I think my son’s tax situation is cleared up.   Although his two-name surname was clearly in the “last name” field of his return, and although the person who keyed in his $10 tax payment attributed it to the correct name (starting with the first part of his last name), the person who keyed in his return used the second half.  Thus generating two IRS letters, one claiming a name mis-match for the SSN relative to past returns, and another claiming that he’d failed to pay his $10 tax bill.  The IRS agent was pleasant and efficient, but told me to tell him to stick a hyphen in his name to prevent further problems.  He commented that Spanish people have the same problem.

This is about cultural dominance as well as gender roles.  As I’ve mentioned before, we stuck my children with a two-name surname, adopting the Spanish system (although we are not Spanish):  They are Firstname Middlename Fathersurname Mothersurname, to be alphabetized under Fathersurname, space no hyphen between the names.  At the time we named them, hyphens still gave computers trouble so we thought the space was better.  As it has turned out, hyphens have been almost universally adopted to clarify matters.  This first/last business trips up Spanish-culture people when they hit the US, but it also confuses Asians, whose name conventions are the opposite of the English ones.  (A Chinese TA once give me his students’ grades alphabetized by first name.)  Matters would get a lot more clarified much more quickly if official forms switched from “first name” and “last name” or (worse) single name fields to “family name” in one box and “personal name(s)” in another.  How long do you think it will take for the dominant culture to make such a simple adaptation to multiculturalism?

trigedies of the left

What do I think of this? I think I’m reminded of how I configured LeechBlock to keep me from being able to read the Daily Kos because every time I did I kept feeling my sentiments move politically to the right.

As a bit of Jeremy Freese trivia, I think one of my grandmothers was raised believing her mother was her sister and her grandmother was her mother.