let’s just keep things in their proper perspective, eh?

A number of us are concerned about the ongoing implosion of the world economy. Before we all panic, however, let’s try to remember where everything is in the grand scheme of things:

And for those who are wondering, while it isn’t pictured, if you imagine a point about six inches beneath the bottom edge of the comic, that’s about where the Dow Jones is.

Special thanks to the incomparable xkcd for assisting me in a truly terrible one-liner.

10 thoughts on “let’s just keep things in their proper perspective, eh?”

  1. I totally considered posting this (because it is frickin’ awesome!), and then I thought, “Jeremy would lose it if I took up 5 screens worth of space with one image.” Good luck with that, Drek!


  2. You’re in for a world of hurt. I almost edited your post (inserting a page break) to save you. But now I’m curious to see what happens. I suspect this will be your last post on scatterplot. It was nice having you here.


  3. Shoulda used the original. And besides, don’t you know that it’s been definitively established that if intelligent life is to persist in the universe, the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of perspective?


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