pink in october

Hey scatterbrains:  This October our College goes on a big fundraising drive for cancer services.  This year I’m trying to rev up the fun and energy around the drive by wearing pink to work every work day during October.  And I’ve established a little blog to explain what I’m doing, post pictures of what I wear, and of course, solicit pledges.  Check it out here:

4 thoughts on “pink in october”

  1. this is fun! and none of us had thought you would come up with a way to come back to blogging so soon! :) no.

    is there a fun shopping trip ahead or do you already have everything in your wardrobe?

    i pledge $49 for a second mystery item.


  2. but for it to be a mystery, i can’t tell until you get it. but don’t worry, my mystery item is safe for work. (someone’s already suggested pink underwear anyway…)


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