2020 hindsight

Although I don’t know the technical details, Northwestern has moved to an e-mail system in which new students are encouraged to choose addresses like JeremyFreese20##, where 20## is supposed to choose the year they will graduate. Especially with graduate students, I wonder if this is going to result several years down the road in which people look at the To: field in their inbox and have this embittering little continual reminder of how naive they were when they started graduate school about how long it would take.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

4 thoughts on “2020 hindsight”

  1. Along the same line, I ran into a graduate student the other day that, sadly, pointed out they were required to renew their expired student id. They were sad because when they received the original id the expiration date was so distant they publically announced that if they were still here when the id expired, they should just take the hint and leave! Luckily, the renewal was a one-time reminder, whereas the email would be a constant (for some of us, ever-present) reminder of their failure to met their original goals (however naive).
    On the other hand, departments may also want to pay particular attention to students who put a year too far in the future!


  2. I’m definitely embittered by this new system. I understand the year thing for undergrads, but they couldn’t have figured out another way for grad students (more equivalent to what faculty can get)?

    I’m also embittered because you don’t get to choose your email name – the system assigns you a name based on your name, but can’t take into account spaces/hyphens/apostrophes. So instead of janedesmith2012, you would be janede2012@. and “there’s nothing that can be done once the email name is assigned by the system.” infuriating. Especially when being on the job market and having a screwy email address.


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