the ache shifts from brain to muscle

Hockey, it turns out, really does help a crank like me feel better, in a way that ultimate frisbee does not. Apparently, the running around out in the fresh air on green grass–as awesome and fun and tiring as that is–is not a substitute for smashing into people as hard as you can. Go figure.

I’m playing in a mostly-men’s league, and I’m easily the worst player on the team. On the women’s team I used to play with–the one I quit mid-season two years ago because it was getting in the way of my writing–I was right in the middle, which is much easier on the ego. Still, I prefer this team. It is a great bunch of guys, and Husband is the superstar goalie, and it is so great to get to play with him (yes, it was a spousal hire, but I was on the team first). Kid is our biggest fan, and when we have a day game, he plays with the other kids in the stands–a Canadian tradition.

So, Sarah Palin is still popular, and people all over are wrong about all sorts things, but I think I can keep the rants on the inside now.

4 thoughts on “the ache shifts from brain to muscle”

  1. Tina, a new side of you — I love it. Shame on me, I guess, for letting your thing for cute shoes make me surprised that you play men’s ice hockey.

    I was often the only woman on the waterpolo team in grad school, so I know what you mean about the ego thing.


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