best digression ever

This semester I find myself teaching a new course for the first time in a long while. That is to say, I’ve taught before but have stuck to the same class for a number of years. And, so long as we’re on the subject, that course has traditionally been thought of as dull.* This semester I am teaching a new course and, while I’m ironing out snags involving excessively difficult readings and uneven lectures, it’s going okay.

The best thing, though?

The best thing is that some of my students seem really interested and it gives me a chance to talk about some fun stuff. I mean, orgasmically fun material.

Today I managed to end up talking about the Kardashev scale. In a sociology class.

I. Love. My. Job.

* Seriously: not my fault.

4 thoughts on “best digression ever”

  1. You are apparently in a whole different class of adjectives than I am for how fun the material you classify as “fun material” is.

    There’s a story about a basketball player winning the Big Game with the last shot of the dying seconds, etc. In the melee after the buzzer goes a TV reporter hustles up to him and says “Is this beyond your wildest dreams?” And the guy, without missing a beat, says “My wildest dreams have nothing to do with basketball.”


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