did i mention that it is an honor?

How happy am I that the student skateboarding toward me as I walked to my car after work hopped off his board to say hello, I’m in your class, and recommend a film I’d like, based on my lecture on how sociologists see things? Very happy. Thanks, dude.

4 thoughts on “did i mention that it is an honor?”

  1. Loved the book but have not seen the movie yet. all of that guy’s books are really good and interesting from a trade book versus academic book perspective. He brings something unique to the books as an adventurer himself (He also wrote “Into Thin Air” about the very deadly year on Mt. Everest) but does this careful, more analytical than a reporter would analysis. for sure read the book first. It is interesting to try to figure out if he was mentally ill (clearly at least some) and suicidal or just hit some bad luck or what.

    Oh and it is cool when students actually seem to have thought about what you are talking about in other interesting contexts and ways.


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