could this be the end?!?

The end of the world may happen Wednesday. You heard it here first. Can you imagine applying for $10,000,000,000.00 in grants for an experiment? And GETTING them? Wow. I’m very excited about all of this. Knowing about the big bang: awesome.

UPDATE: If the world really were gong to end Wednesday, what would you do Tuesday night? I’m thinking I’d go to this local place that makes great tacos and eat some. And have dessert somewhere on the way home. Then again, I think I’ll do that regardless.

11 thoughts on “could this be the end?!?”

  1. I must say I don’t think this will be the end. I can’t wait for them to crank it to full power and discover something. Scientist John Huth’s comments are funny. Apparently he’s ok with the possibility of creating a black hole that could destory the earth as long as its many, many, many universe lifetimes away from happening. As long as he’s not here right? And he states the black hole could pass through the earth harmlessly. The black holes won’t be passing anywhere. They will be creating them here. Ironically that big chunk of CMS iron would provide a lot of mass for fueling a mini-blackhole. If that did happen I admit it would be an exciting way to die. Having your body stretched apart molecule by molecule as you cross over the event horizon. Better than having a heart attack or being shot up or something like that.


  2. Shakha – what’s your little neighborhood taco place you like? So far i haven’t been really happy with the ones i’ve tried.


  3. “I admit it would be an exciting way to die. Having your body stretched apart molecule by molecule as you cross over the event horizon.”

    Even if the resulting singularity were stable enough to be dangerous, which it won’t be, or grew fast enough to pose a threat, which it wouldn’t, then we wouldn’t die by being ripped across the event horizon. We’d die in a shower of highly energetic gamma rays.

    Maybe not as cool but, hell, who wouldn’t want to be visible for light years?


  4. @6: You like it more than the taqueria on Amsterdam between 107 and 108? Because that place used to rock my world.

    I also fondly recall Roti Roll somewhere nearby on Amsterdam.


  5. I like the Fonda. But honestly, I think the Italian/Mexican place has better Tacos. No one I know actually knows the name of this place. In fact, we all call it, “That pizza place that serves Tacos in the back…” It’s across from a hostel. So it’s filled with European backpackers eating pizza (which I have never tried). But their Tacos are great. As for Roti Roll – I go through cycles with that place. At times I think it’s great (particularly after a few drinks). And then I’m sick of it and forget about it. Then I’ll fondly “rediscover” it almost as if it was a long-lost friend.


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