2 thoughts on “check your casket at the door”

  1. If I paid enough, could I have my corpse Robo-ized? You know, you pop in a few batteries, press a button, and then have it lurch and flail through the entire wake as if I was a zombie? Maybe I could just have them stick my arms stuck out straight ahead and then glue my feet to a Roomba. Cheaper.

    Yeah, that would be wicked cool.


  2. that’s creepy. and there must be a sociological explanation for it. but it is so creepy that i can’t come up with it.

    We used to know a guy who did “pre-need” sales for a funeral home and his line was, ‘we can do anything you want.” We used to sit around and try to stump him, but no one came up with this one.

    if you knew what they did to your body to get it to look good laying flat, you would never want this — i predict there are huge screws through his body into the wall. Ew.


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