9 thoughts on “anybody have any ideas about what is bothering up our sidebar?”

  1. Usually it is one post in particular that has a code problem– and most likely it is something like an extra div tag. This happens for me sometimes when I cut/paste text from someplace else, and some of the code goes with it too. Look at the html for the last few posts and delete anything wonky (span classes etc.)


  2. It’s this post causing the problem. There’s a single line with two extra div’s inside the “entry-content” div for some reason:

    <div class='snap_preview'><div class="storycontent">

    No clue why WordPress is doing that, but there’s probably something funky at the top of that post.

    (Firebug is great for stuff like this, btw)


  3. @3/4: Thanks! You were right. OW’s post had something that caused a proliferation of div tags.

    (OW, if you read this, I’m not sure how you generated the set of links at the bottom of your post, but that’s where the problem was.)


  4. hi jeremy, i snuck a peak during a work break. which post has the problem? Send me email and i”ll look into it. I finally figured out how to turn off pinging in my new blog, so I can edit it without pingbacks to scatterplot. I don’t know if that flurry last night was causing the problem, or something else.


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