confidential to jeremy

Dear Jeremy,

If, like me, you suffer from insomnia, do not download this week’s episode of This American Life, called “Fear of Sleep,” and then listen to it between 2:00 am and 3:00 am.  Just a tip.

However, if I stay up just a couple more hours, you may be back on GoogleChat and I could tell you the scariest parts about the episode.  Or not.



8 thoughts on “confidential to jeremy”

  1. In fact, studies show that use of technology, such as checking email, right before bed can impair sleep quality.

    You’re seriously choosing mail/chat over sleep? Sleep is soooo important. Weren’t you paying attention during the sleep presentation at ASA?

    Just curious, do others have chronic sleep issues?


  2. You check email in bed?! I keep my computer in my living room. The only thing in my bedroom is my bed, books, and New Yorkers, with low light bedside lamps. Supposedly that’s the way to promote sleep. nothing else to do.

    I have found that not watching TV and not surfing the net one hour before bed, and instead picking up a book has helped me greatly. Plus, I’ve read more for my 50 Book Challenge. I also don’t drink caffeine after 3 pm. But occasionally during periods of stress, the normal amount of exercise and daily mental exhaustion isn’t enough. Apparently, I should try to relax and stretch + yoga breathing before bed and not be stressed out.


  3. I have chronic sleep issues. I also am on my computer pretty consistently from waking to sleeping. However, I have had chronic sleep issues since WAY before I even had a computer in my home, let alone lived on the internet.

    And I can beat computer in bed. I have, on occasion, taken my laptop into the tub. I set up a little side table so it’s safely away from the water, of course.

    Although I did lose a cell phone that way once.


  4. I find bubble baths really boring (I am incapable of relaxing, hence inability to do meditative yoga, sitting still, not stressing), and totally wish I could surf the internet during my post-run soaks. I can’t read in the tub, unlike in bed. So lately I have been listening to NPR. I can’t just sit there!


  5. As a fervent insomniac and one who listens to my TAL podcast while cleaning the house in the middle of the night rather than working on my dissertation, I can relate.

    And as such am happy to spoil the secret.


    In Your ears.

    While You Sleep.

    If the very thought does not make you tremble, you have twice the stomach (and three times the experience in substandard housing) than most any academic I’ve ever met.


  6. I listen to TAL on the eliptical, in the Uni gym. One of the reasons I persist in doing this is that it delights me to see the reactions of the staff and faculty when I squeal, laugh, and cry. I can’t wait until this afternoon! (And my strong stomach is from my surgery-on-the-divan experiences, growing up with a family of doctors.)


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