it’s like pulling teeth.

I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned this morning. Imagine my surprise when after checking in and updating my paperwork the receptionist handed me a $10 gas card “to thank me for showing up for my appointment today.” Apparently people are so scared of going to the dentist, the office is offering incentives now.*

I was actually a little disappointed when my name got called to go back. I found watching people’s reactions to the receptionist with her cards way more exciting than the gas card itself.


* That, or the local Speedway figured that $10 wouldn’t even begin to cover people’s gas purchases so handing out these cards is a good way to sucker them into pumping gas there. As scary as I think the dentist is, this scenario is most likely. It also makes it all the more gratifying to stop at Speedway and only spend $10.

One thought on “it’s like pulling teeth.”

  1. I went to the dentist today, too. No gas cards…but the dentist and the dental hygienist sang a long with the radio – and almost, but not quite harmonized – as they worked on my teeth.


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