behind the genius bar

I guess Apple will let just about anyone serve up the genius these days:

Kid was clearly feeling right at home.

Woodhands played an amazing set, rocking out with their bleepy, squeeky, pounding music. They didn’t seem to mind when Kid laid out flat with his giant headphones and looked like he was going to sleep, and the singer said that he was holding off swearing on Kid’s account. So sweet.

We continue to enjoy it here, although we haven’t yet gotten to the Biodome. And I have nothing good to say about the Science Centre. Yesterday, the ticket seller gave Kid and me trouble for trying to buy tickets, insisting that there was nothing in there that a 4-year-old would like. I imagine she was wrong (we went last year, when he was *gasp* three!), but not only was it going to be hard to get a ticket out of her, she had just told Kid in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t welcome there. Jerk. We went for ice cream instead.

Today, we had a fantastic time swimming at the most beautiful swimming pool I’ve ever seen. Still, I think Kid’s favorite part of the day was an impromptu soccer game with his dad on the tiniest patch of grass you could imagine. Husband had to promise another game in the morning before work.

5 thoughts on “behind the genius bar”

  1. I love the pictures and stories you put up about Kid. They are so cute, heartwarming, and make me feel so much better about my research about work/family. I remember working in They also make me miss the 9 nieces and nephews I helped raise and then left behind to go to grad school. I totally offer you my many years of childcare experience and volunteer to babysit for you.


  2. Best part, hands down, is the cool, self-satisfied look on his face. “Yah, I’m a genius, and I rock. What do YOU do?”

    BTW – I’m reprising your role as CSOM this fall and hope to produce similar results.


  3. The last time I visited the Apple “genius bar” for tech support help, I went in with a simple question about how to transfer voice files from my iPod onto my hard-drive. The “genuis” helping me suggested that i buy a microphone for the laptop, tape the ear buds from the iPod to the surface of microphone, press play, and then walk away for…oh….1.3 days…since that’s how long the audio files (the combined interviews from my dissertation) actually take to play.

    Genius bar my ass….it’s like having to refer to subway employees as “Sandwich Artists


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