academic job search pointers from anomie

While law schools do their job searches slightly differently (we do everything differently), I found it quite useful to read through Wicked Anomie’s pointers, which tell one to engage in self-reflection (always good), while also doing all of the obvious things of paying very careful attention to one’s CV and teaching portfolio, and how to do a phone interview.  Anyway, do read her post, and leave your own tips and comments at her blog or here.

One thought on “academic job search pointers from anomie”

  1. This is nice, but wouldn’t such advice make more sense coming from someone who’s gone out there, been through the process and gotten a desirable job (whatever way one might define that)? Oh, these are not Wicked Anomie’s pointers (as you suggest), they are those of a panel member. Got it.

    My advice is recognizing that you’ll need to follow different advice depending on where you’re coming from and what jobs are of interest. Some of the advice in that post is completely irrelevant (or even bad) for certain situations.


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