are you watching the opening ceremonies?

Whoa!  This is incredible.  The world needs more gigantic nations with something to prove.

BTW: Special good luck wishes to a friend who is knitting for her country in the “Sock Put” event of the Ravelympics.

BTW-BTW: I was sitting in a chair a couple nights ago and made the mistake of standing up and somehow completely screwed up my back.  I’ve long dreaded the possibility of becoming one of those creaky individuals with A Bad Back, and I’m worried that time is here.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

7 thoughts on “are you watching the opening ceremonies?”

  1. Really? I was just sitting here thinking that the most long-standing impression of the Olympics must be the one where we think, “Really? Spending money and time on this? Aren’t there hungry people somewhere?” It seems that the Greeks must have felt this way, just as I do. And I’m 100% in favor of ceremony & tradition…this is just…WAY over the top.


  2. Ok, I do love the Parade of Nations, coming next. Who will have the ugliest National Outfits? Who will be the most avant garde? I’m especially looking forward to the hats.


  3. yoga, jeremy. a past yoga teacher of mine started yoga at age 37, with all sorts of physical and nervous ailments. now he’s over 70 and has the best body and clearest eyes.


  4. Wow – it was incredible. Just spectacular. and I wanted to hate these olympics. But it is getting harder.

    My darling hubby was reading about how many athletes get no medal, make no finals, and this is the big reward for their hard work — this walk-in and grand opening.

    Yoga is the key, Jeremy — I am out of the practice now, but have to get back to it for precisely the reasons you say — the other option is turning into a creaky old person.


  5. I had a “bad back” when I was younger that isn’t particularly bad now. Exercises for the “core” (PT-speak for the muscles that support your back and torso) are the key. Yoga is one such tradition; there are others. Also chiropractors can help. What does not help is lots of rest, which just makes it worse.


  6. Yoga + sit ups have helped me. Building up the core as OW says, and staying flexible. Also, making sure I keep up the cardio. I like none of these things and yet I do them. Sigh.

    One of my friends, a journalist, is boycotting the Olympics b/c of the human rights and freedom of information/press issues. I suppose I could as well, except that it would be meaningless as a form of protest as I don’t have my TV connected to an antennae. “I wouldn’t watch it if I could!” etc. etc.


  7. What is one to do if one really ought to boycott one’s own country because of freedom of information/press and human rights issues? I wonder if any South African dissidents wrote on this back in the day.


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