20 thoughts on “me, annoyed”

  1. They’re not. they just look like that with the way in which my camera takes pictures. so the letters are actually written correctly and the tape is on the front…

    I wouldn’t mind, but I paid extra because I made changes after they mocked them up for us. The changes I made, you might as? Having the lettering go down!

    What have I learned? Don’t get your ribbons made in Verona, WI. And I cannot be trusted with such a high priority task. I blame Jeremy for trusting me.


  2. We just need to bring some tape and flip it over. They look nice, we’ll be such the geek crowd.

    That said, you should complain to the company. You definitely need to get your extra money back plus they should send you another batch, this time correctly. (We had this happen with 50 laptop cases so we ended up with 100. The incorrect ones are still usable so overall it wasn’t that bad, but in our case the correct ones arrived in time for the event.)


  3. My plan for distributing (may differ from other scatterbrains): at the scatterplot party, give out extra ribbons to everyone that arrives, so that they can then give them to others when they are approached. what do you think?


  4. what’s wrong with the letters going upward? i think it’s a nice break to make everyone tilt their head to the left after all these years tilting it to the right to read all the book titles on the shelves. we want symmetric neck muscles.


  5. You know, as I think about this, they might be right: you’d generally be looking at the ribbon from above, it may well be easier to read it printed the way it is. Not to try to defend somebody who charged for something they didn’t do. But just thinking about it.


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