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I’m already in Boston (or, at least, Cambridge). When I arrived last night, I saw they already have the banner for the American Sociological Association meetings hanging over the luggage claim. Speaking of which:

Eszter asked me to pass along that the Communication Studies Department of the School of Communication at Northwestern is likely to be hiring for several positions this Fall in the area of Media, Technology and Society. These may be of interest to some ASA attendees. Eszter will be at ASA and would be happy to talk to people about the program. Contact Eszter by sending her an email.

(I could include her e-mail here, but if you’re not able to find it online on your own, perhaps a job in Media, Technology, and Society is not for you.)

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

One thought on “join my university!”

  1. Thanks, Jeremy! Following up, I just wanted to say that ours is an awesome department with folks from several fields. There’s a lot of support on various levels (whether you need help figuring out something about professionalization or need funds for a research project). We’ve been making some super exciting hires both at the junior and senior levels.

    I have a Sociology PhD and have felt very much at home in this department. I just received tenure so I’m happy to talk to people about what it’s like to navigate related issues in a dept other than soc.

    Whether you’re on the market now or will be finishing in a year or two (or have already begun a job somewhere), please feel free to contact me to chat about the above.


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