are we blogging asa?

If so, how? I’m just curious if we’re going to have teams of bloggers out there, reporting back nightly. And if so, is anything off the record? You know, what happens at ASA stays at ASA. Are people going to be afraid of talking to us? We’ll have ribbons (RIBBONS!) that could serve as an indicator to others: stay away… I prefer a laissez-faire attitude. But I’m happy to be disciplined.

17 thoughts on “are we blogging asa?”

  1. Oh, a ribbon update: they are presently on a truck in the Bronx, en route to my house. How exciting is that? Also, they were made in Verona, Wisconsin. Given many of our Wisconsin connections, this warms my heart.


  2. Wow – I used to live in Verona. For those of us who can’t make the party on Thurs. night, can we safely assume that the regular bloggers will have a few to pass out should we run into you later?


  3. Blogging is so 2006. Did you mean to ask whether we were going to be twittering about it? Some of us have been discussing the appropriate tag and seem to be deciding on asa. Those interested can just follow the tweets here: or get a Twitter account and participate in the conversation.


  4. Nice! But, what would be the best way to get these tagged tweets to our phones? For poor souls like me who cannot access RSS on our phones, these so-called “live” updates would not actually be all that live…

    I’m looking at Pingie, which purports to send RSS updates as SMS, and RSSFWD, which sends it as email, then I can use my phone’s email address.

    Thoughts anyone?


  5. Ribbon Update #2: They are now in my possession. Somehow they printed them the reverse of how I wanted them (scatterplot reads up instead of down). Which is REALLY annoying me right now. But I suspect I am the only one who cares.


  6. I put together a simple site that displays anything on twitter tagged #asa or #asa08. There’s a regular browser version: And a simplified version for mobile phones with internet access:

    Yes, it’s basically the same as twemes, but I didn’t know about that when I set it up. :) Pingie looks cool, too.


  7. Should I have added a smiley to my comment so people don’t think I’m seriously mocking blogging?

    Yes, Tina, twemes pulls together all the tagged tweets, it’s very helpful, I’ve attended some conferences where these were actively used and it can be interesting.

    Anomie, it’s not clear what you do and do not have access to on your phone (email, but no Web? unlimited SMS or not?) so it’s a bit hard to know what to recommend.


  8. @eszter.11: My cheap, bottom-of-the-barrel phone isn’t really made for accessing the web, and although I technically have access to the Verizon web service, I have to pay by the megabite to access the mobile web, which gets expensive and is unwieldy. I do, however, have unlimited SMS.

    By email, I just mean my phone’s SMS gateway.

    And Pingie (RSS to SMS service) seems to be working fine. RSSFWD (RSS to email) has been down most of the day, which does not give me good feelings about it.


  9. Anomie, if you have unlimited SMS then that may be a way to approach this. I don’t know if Twemes has a relevant option, but generally speaking Twitter works through text-messaging. This could get annoying quickly, but you can set up a Twitter account so you get an SMS notification of every tweet by your contacts. Of course, this would have you miss ASA-tagged posts by those to whom you’re not subscribed, but it’s a start (and possibly an end if you subscribe to too many people and get annoyed by their messages).


  10. Yeah, Twemes doesn’t have an SMS option, and I already do get SMS notification for some of my Twitter contacts now (mainly the people I actually know in person). My search is actually for a way to get the ASA-tagged posts by those to whom I’m not subscribed. Pingie shoulda done that, but it stopped working while I slept.

    It’s not like I’m dying to see all the ASA-tagged posts in real-time, but it would be nice. And the intellectual challenge of figuring out how to do this is irresistible.

    There’s a relatively small number of people doing the ASA hashtags, so I’ll probably just follow them all and turn on device updates for the duration of the conference.

    I like having the ASA tweets, though. It’s like a special Spidey-sense that allows you to get a feel for what a bunch of random others are doing/thinking at the conference.


  11. Haha, okay, while I slept people shifted to using #asa08 tags, and I was subscribed to #asa. So, Pingie still works, I just have the wrong subscription now.

    Yeah…I’m probably the only one with this problem, but just in case: the Contexts page follows both tags.


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