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I know about the ASA’s online program, and I know that the ASA publishes its program as .pdf files on its website, but what I don’t know is whether any of these digital sources of program info will at some point include room numbers, as the Giant Printed Program that we will receive upon registration will. It sure would be great to have that info in one digital form or another. Anyone know anything about this?

9 thoughts on “digital asa program”

  1. Nothing helpful to add, but is it just me, or are those pdf schedules incredibly unwieldy? An index or table of contents or really any organizational structure other than simple chronology with infrequent headings would have been really nice.


  2. I think ASA sees the lack of room numbers as a security-by-obscurity scheme; instead of checking for badges at the entrances (difficult, costly, and heavy-handed looking), they just don’t tell you where to go unless you register.


  3. What Andrew said. People would have less of a reason to pay for registration if you could just show up with all info obtained online.

    A way around this would be to offer the room info online to those members who have registered. But that’s too much to ask from ASA, of course.

    I just logged in to the ASA site and then went over to the meeting site. I then proceeded to log out from both and then went back to the e-noah site and was still logged in. Brilliant. So ASA.

    As to the stupid message system with the guessable passwords, I guess one more reason to use a variation of email addresses with organizations that don’t know how to treat your info carefully (another is to avoid spam).


  4. @4&5: I get it, but a little password protection takes care of the freeloaders and saves me from recycling the Giant Printed Program. I think my plan will be a combo of the roomless pdf files and the small version of the printed program. (Or I could just carry everything around in my ASA totebag!)


  5. what annoys me with the on-line program is that it takes ~3 clicks to actually get to the search fields.

    as with last year, you can change your password on the message system. I have no intention of using this system, but did log on just for this purpose. A better system would have us log in with our usual ASA id numbers and super-secret last name password, and then set a password IF we were interested in this system. I am not sure why, with the better internet access, this messaging system is even necessary.


  6. SCorrell – Yes, our super user-friendly ID #s, gotta love those!

    I registered with the Employer Service as an interviewer. Wow, the scheduling system has introduced me to a whole new level of inefficiency!

    And Tina, I wasn’t trying to justify their methods, I was just suggesting a reason behind them. I agree with you, it’s ridiculous.


  7. It would be nice to have the option of not receiving the tote bag and extraneous tons of paper. Perhaps the savings generated by people electing such an option could go toward improving ASA technology or providing graduate student travel scholarships.


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