what exactly are we doing to end this?

scatterbrains, take note! It’s time to support our sisters at BlogHer (and elsewhere on the web)! Confront this glass ceiling! Happily scatterplot has its share of women bloggers. Indeed, our most popular post ever (trouncing any competition by two-fold) is by none-other than, you guessed it, olderwoman!

I do find it odd that the times published this in “Fashion and Style”. Although to their credit, they did have a very interesting story on how women were now equal in their sharing of the burden of the poor economy (and perhaps even more so when when looks beyond jobs, to what is happening in households).  As the graph below shows, for the first time since the 1950s the  %  of women in their prime working years has fallen during an economic recovery.

5 thoughts on “what exactly are we doing to end this?”

  1. yes, jeremy. we are also at peace. apparently since 2000 we are in a “recovery”, according to the bureau of labor statistics. or someone at the Times. Someone has been reading 1984, I think…


  2. The NYT has had a nasty little habit of publishing any story about women (including such light’n fluffy stuff like workplace discrimination) in the “Fashion and Style” section for quite some time now.


  3. RE: christine @4 I’ve noticed the same thing about the NYT. The WSJ recently put a story about women’s employment in the Personal Finance section. It certainly seems like issues about the employment of half the population should not fall into headings of “fashion and style” or “personal.”


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