did i miss something?

According to this on the ASA web site, “To assist attendees in their explorations of the city, ASA is sending a copy of the Discover Boston 2008 Guide to everyone who pre-registers for the ASA Annual Meeting.”  I am pre-registered and don’t remember seeing this.  Did anyone else get it?

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14 thoughts on “did i miss something?”

  1. I got one (two, actually) and it was really just a silly little pamphlet with very little info. It wasn’t anything you couldn’t learn about Boston on any travel website, though.


  2. I got the tri-fold pamphlet. Did you know Boston had a Tea Party? And some escapade with a church and some lanterns?


  3. It came in the envelope with the registration confirmation. It does have a small map of Boston in the back that might be useful.


  4. I think I have solved the mystery. I preregistered when I paid my dues. I’ll be the brochure was sent only to people who registered separately, and they did not bother to send it to those of us who registered early. The other possibility is that they actually did send it to me in January with my dues confirmation (along with the list of ASA journals & benefits) but I paid no attention to it.


  5. i also preregistered when i paid my dues, and don’t remember getting it. that doesn’t, unfortunately, help me narrow down whether i actually got it.


  6. I preregistered when I paid my dues and I got the pamphlet at some point. It’s published by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, whose website has much more to offer than the pamphlet to those who feel like they’re missing out.


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