you are invited to the scatterplot party!

Yes, you are invited! Just because you read this post. Your friends are also invited, simply because you told them about this post. Further, all of you will receive an official scatterplot ribbon to wear on your ASA name badge, because you (yes, you!) are a sociology celebrity, at least in the eyes of this blog. Here are the details:

The Scatterplot Party will be on Thursday, July 31, at 7pm, at City-Bar in the Lenox Hotel. It’s walking distance from the ASA hotels, the drinks menu has offerings that range from affordable to fancy, and the setting is glamorous enough to make us feel fancy.

Competitive events will include thumb wrestling, manversation, and code debugging. Conversation topics will turn to baseball, fanny packs and Craig Calhoun (not necessarily in that order). By the end of the evening, everyone will know who olderwoman is, but no one will be able to find the Real Drek.

All the credit goes to Sara and Shamus for looking into various options and finding this fabulous location. I predict that this will be the event of the season. Don’t miss it!

32 thoughts on “you are invited to the scatterplot party!”

  1. While y’all may find out who I am, you won’t get to see me because I won’t arrive at ASA until Friday. I made my travel reservations before finding out when the party is, and could not get a hotel for Thursday night. (Sob) So how can I get my scatterplot ribbon if I can’t be at the party? And please say hi if/when you see me later at the meeting.


  2. OW, I am really sorry that you can’t make it. We will get a Scatterplot ribbon to you, though–perhaps it should say “I am Olderwoman. Deal with it!” on it!


  3. Somehow I have the feeling that I won’t have to have my blog name on the ribbon for people to figure things out if they see me with the ribbon and read the blog at all. Maybe I’m mis-estimating the demographics of this crew of writers and readers, but I don’t think so.

    When I read your slogan, I thought of “I am Olderwoman, hear me roar.” But you probably have to be in my demographic to even know what that means.


  4. Yay – I have been waiting and waiting to add this to my Boston itinerary. Barring transit troubles, I will be there, fashionably late.
    Thanks, scatterwriters!


  5. I wish I could make it – but I’m not getting in until Friday afternoon… Hopefully I’ll get to meet many of you elsewhere at the conference! (And, can I still get a ribbon, too?)


  6. I’ll be there – a classy joint that serves PBR is right up my alley. Rest assured that I will be pushing it past 9pm, probably every night of the conference.

    Do you think they would hook some Wiis up for us? I’ve been putting some serious time in, and I’m ready for a rematch…


  7. I, for one, have no other plans that evening, so I’ll be around.

    As for you, Mad Slave, stop practicing! You are too good already!


  8. me too, kieran. even making a mad dash straight from teaching, with final papers in hand, i’ll be rolling in around 9. maybe we can have a “fashionably late” coordinated entrance.


  9. I’ll be there too. And of course, I always knew who olderwoman is, just from the way she writes (which I admire very much). :-)


  10. If we can’t be at the party, who will have the ribbons? I definitely want to wear mine, proudly, and would hope to meet and chat with scatterbrains who would otherwise not know me. Don’t worry, I have a plan for making it clear who I am.


  11. I’m in. Like Andy, riding the last train from Cambridge. Right, Andy? (Gosh, brother, I was drinking by 3 y/o!)


  12. I would like to be there. But how will I recognise you all? Will you be wearing your ribbons or do I just wander up to random groups and ask them if they are sociologists? Would that cause offense I wonder?


  13. People have raised this question ahead of previous blog get-togethers, but it’s never actually proven a problem, so there is some bloggy vibe that tips folks off.


  14. One thing that has helped is that both Jeremy and I look a good deal like our respective cartoon representations–whether that is a good or bad thing I have never been able to figure out. But with the scatterplot ribbons this year, there will be no mistaking us.


  15. Every year, the difference between the amount and color of my hair and that represented in the cartoon increases. Tina, by contrast, is timeless.


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