zomba, 2


It’s winter here and Zomba is relatively high altitude, so I’ve been told there isn’t especial reason to fear mosquitos. I slept under a mosquito net last night, more because it was hanging over the bed anyway and after starting up at it awhile I decided why not. I liked it, making me wonder if I should get a canopy bed when I get home or follow through with my plan to pitch a tent in my office and pretend it’s my secret social science fort.

An upside of it being “winter” here is that the weather here has so far been my personal ideal (similar to your personal ideal, although a bit cooler). A downside is that the class ends at 4:30 and within an hour after class ending it was already pretty dark.

Sitting in a place called Tasty Bites now where you can buy 30 minute scratch-off cards and use WiFi. Sal is actually trying to work. I’m not sure I’ve slept more than 10 hours total since leaving and am completely exhausted. Teaching was a challenge at the beginning but I think I got better as the day went on.

I only realized today that Stata’s “summarize” command imposes an American spelling on the rest of the world.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

2 thoughts on “zomba, 2”

  1. While I was working in Namibia I traveled to Zambia to cover the first free elections there (when Kaunda was unseated by then-democrat Frederick Chiluba in 1991). I took a bus up to the Copperbelt, the northern area bordering Zaire where Chiluba’s movement had its roots. By the time I got up there I was puking my guts out and spent my whole visit under a mosquito net much like the one pictured in jeremy’s post…. NOT exactly a pleasant memory, although having an official election observer badge meant everybody was very nice to me.


  2. you mean, it imposes an American spelling on former british colonies. On most of the world it imposes the English language :-)


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