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All right, I need y’all’s sage advice. I’m going to have my first-year seminar this fall maintain a blog as part of their course work, and I need a name. The seminar is “Citizenship and Society in the United States,” and it’s focused on political participation, writ broadly, but using the election as a consistent point of consideration.  My current top choice is since it’s sociology 66 and the election of 2008, but I can’t decide if it’s hip and tangential or just geeky. Other ideas?

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

3 thoughts on “name that blog”

  1. is taken, but I would have thought that was cool, particularly if there was another ‘s’ in your course title.

    I think 6608 is fine, or you could open it up to your students on the first day.


  2. I would get the students involved in naming it, like Jessica suggested. But if that’s too late since you want to prepare the template then something a bit more descriptive than four digits perhaps? soc66?

    Also, as an aside, remember that you’ll likely want to have them blog under a pseudonym since due to FERPA their participation in your course is supposed to be confidential. I blogged about this a while back when I was setting up a course blogging component.


  3. How about “USS Citizenship” You can have a nautical theme. You know, United States Society and Citizenship. But it’s like a boat! Yeah, I know you get it…


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