big boy bed

“Why isn’t anyone blogging?” seems to be the question of the month. My own response is that I have been soaking in the pleasant bubble bath of mundane life: writing, recruiting participants for a study, hanging out with family. It’s super boring, and I LOVE it.

Among the happenings here in the now sunny and warm north is the Kid’s completion of his first year of preschool. His school ended with a Spring Concert, in which his class sang the national anthem and My Dog Rags. The next day, the school had Games Day in the park, at which Husband took 647 photos.

Much effort was put into securing and assembling Kid’s new Big Boy Bed, which (surprisingly smoothly) replaced his toddler bed. Just when he was feeling a little like he might fall off the edge of this new bed, he dozed off. Any lingering worries have been surpassed by his pride in the new bed, which he has shown off to all visitors in the last few days.

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