raise your hand if you’re not here

Where is the usual energy of scatterplotters? A friend recently told me that a colleague wished her a good summer. This was disconcerting as it suggested that the colleague (or everyone?) in the department would be gone for the entire summer. Is that common? And just because one is not in the office, wouldn’t one still go scattering? Are you all vacationing or so deeply immersed in research that you don’t want to be disturbed even by fellow scatterbrains?

5 thoughts on “raise your hand if you’re not here”

  1. I think a number of people here take off or “work” from home (I put work in quotation marks because I’m one of those people who gets a lot less work done at home than in the office). My department is noticeably quieter during the summer, although there are a few of us hardcore people here.

    I’ve been immersed in writing grant proposals so that I can a) qualify for the semester-long junior sabbatical, and b) hopefully fund a full-year one by landing one of the grants.

    It’s actually a nice break from writing papers for publication, and it’s fun to get to read so much and just spend time thinking and brain-storming and writing about new ideas, but it’s left little cognitive energy for much else (which is probably why my netflix queue has actually been moving).

    I am really looking forward to vacation later this summer. I’ll be staying at a resort I’ve been going to with my family at least every other year since 1980. No televisions, radios, or phones – although I read on their website that they do have wi-fi now. I can’t decide if I’ll bring my computer or treat it like the escape it once was.


  2. You probably noticed that I blogged a fair amount while I was in LA helping my mother. Now I’m back home trying to re-engage my work. Long-term, I worked mostly at home when the children were at home, and tended to spend the summer working at home, not in the office. As I’m on sabbatical this year although mostly still in town, I plan to work at home a lot now, coming into the office once a week as a rule. Although I’m breaking the rule now, I plan to re-establish the “blogs only at night” rule so I can get back onto a good writing schedule.


  3. I’ve been pretty distracted by trying to get things prepared for this trip to Africa. Although when I get back, I will be itching to try to find ways to partition myself off to write seriously, as I let that get away from me with the last two quarters of new class prep here at NU.


  4. Our quarter is just now wrapping up (graduation is this weekend) so people are still around. But I wonder what it will be like next week. I prefer it if I’m not the only one around, fortunately, I don’t think that’ll be the case.

    I’m finding more time for reading blogs now than I did during the quarter so it would be fun to see more action around here.


  5. Just got back from a wonderful France vacation w/ my family – and I have a few things I plan to blog about soon, that is, once jetlag and “post-vacation punishment” die down. We got rerouted out of Nice because the first flight was late – ended up flying Nice-Dusseldorf-Toronto-Raleigh which is one heck of a trip!

    I will be here (both physically and virtually) the rest of the summer.


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