i am who i say i am, really.

I have been going through hell for the last 24 hours trying to prove that I am the same person who registered baedyn.com nine years ago – even though my last name and address have changed.

Tell me, who else would register baedyn.com? Who on earth would want to steal it from it’s original owner? You google Baedyn and there are all of three people on the web named that. The majority of the links, though, are to MY Baedyn. I can only imagine how this would have turned out had I spelled my son’s name like my mom wanted (i.e. more conventionally if the name could be conventional) – Bayden. Then there would have been real issue with a business with that name and all. I understand that fraud is a serious issue and these people are just doing their job, but I just want to be able to work on the domain that *I* own. That’s all.

I faxed bills from my former address (well, since it was 9 years ago I didn’t have utility bills, but I had GRE scores and tuition bills – that’s a nerd for you). One of them was even addressed to Jessica Collett Brown, as it’s customary in the south to take your maiden name as your middle name so my school assumed I did that until the day I filed for my official diploma. I faxed copies of two Arizona driver’s licenses with the SAME address, vital stats, and nearly the same signature. The only thing different – my name.

Ah, but that wasn’t enough.

Now they want a divorce decree or a marriage certificate. Oh, and actual pictures of the licenses because apparently even though I blew them up 200%, they don’t fax well.

My divorce decree doesn’t have my maiden name on it, as I kept two years after the divorce and only changed it for publication. Who knows where my marriage license is?! I sent them a picture of Baedyn’s birth certificate. It has his name on it, my maiden name, and his father’s name (which was Brown). What do you want to bet that they’ll take issue with the fact that he was born in North Carolina and the domain is registered in South Carolina?

I want to scream!

2 thoughts on “i am who i say i am, really.”

  1. Wow! It sounds like they are protecting domain names with a higher level of security than a social security card.


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