grace is not my middle name

I just sliced off the tip of the pinky finger on my left hand. Good thing I have a blog so that I can share this moment with you. That dot in my palm is my former fingertip:

Bandaged, elevating hand, thinking that it’s not a candidate for stitches. Not much else to do but blog it.

13 thoughts on “grace is not my middle name”

  1. You seem to be very calm about this, wow. It sounds very painful. I’m sorry to hear about the incident.:(


  2. Yikes! Like @4, I hope you’ve decided to go to the ER.

    When I was little, I sharpened my pinky finger. It wasn’t on purpose. I was just cleaning a pencil sharpener and didn’t realize that if I did it by putting my finger in the sharpener (well, you know, to help get the crap out) then it would do to my finger what it does to pencils. Oops. I noticed something was wrong when I saw the blood. But I don’t remember it hurting. I went to show it to my Mom who didn’t believe me at first, ’cause, you know, who’d be crazy enough to do something like this (not her words, mine in retrospect). I don’t remember the rest.


  3. I would totally go to the ER if I thought there was something to be done, but it’s fortunately just a slice of skin. It hurts like a motherbother, so I took some tylenol and I’m parked on the couch. Husband came home to take care of me, and I gave myself the rest of the day off.


  4. I clipped off the end of my baby daughter’s finger with nail clippers once. The whole thing — and your post — made my skin crawl. With my daughter, I called the doctor’s office. They told me to calm down, it happens all the time, it would grow back. They were right.


  5. I say take advantage of the situation. Nail the fingertip up on your headboard as a warning to the other fingers.

    OOOOH! Or offer it as a prize for the next Scatterplot contest! Guess Jeremy’s New Secret Sport and Win Tina’s Fingertip! I would SOOO play for that!

    What can I say? My sense of humor starts at macabre and goes downhill from there.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  6. Yes, perhaps with pirates, which will also explain why the finger is tacked onto my headboard, with a warning for all Stata users to stay away. Rrrrr!


  7. You know those machines that slice deli meats? That’s how my husband lost his fingertip.

    For your story, I suggest: that you did it on purpose in a Fight Club-like display of how badass you are, preferably in front of your son, or not.


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