overheard (not exactly “the rules” edition – or, “paging foucault” – central square)

man: what are you doing tonight?

woman:  I’m meeting a friend in harvard square for dinner.

man: is this a date?

woman:  no, it’s that guy I told you about, the one who is just way too sane for me.  he’s really cute, but I just can’t imagine dating someone that is so together.

man:  you know what I’m thinking right now…

woman: yes, I know.  I dated you.  but you’ve got your quirks.  you’re really only sort of normal.

3 thoughts on “overheard (not exactly “the rules” edition – or, “paging foucault” – central square)”

  1. This makes no sense to me. This is my generation? Perhaps she is confusing “sane” with merely “boring,” as insanity is still my top dealbreaker. Quirks are cute, insanity is not. Not to stigmatize the millions of Americans with actual medical conditions. But equating quirkiness with insanity and deeming that attractive does a disservice to those with legitimate disorders who must take a lot of meds to manage their condition. Although there is a MadPride movement afoot.


  2. Belle — your anonymity means that I don’t know if this is your generation! The people I overheard looked like 30-somethings.

    That said, it is exactly the ambiguities you point to that made this dialogue interesting to me. It reminded me also of a writing workshop I went to once, in which a participant was venerating the idea of “the lone, mentally tortured, creative genius.” A woman in the workshop turned to him and said (more or less), “I was mentally ill and hospitalized for years in which I could not write a word. It’s only when I got better that I was able to really be creative.”

    Though, see also: http://www.artbrut.ch/
    and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outsider_Art


  3. Perhaps, like the members of the art brut “movement” and outsider artists, the gentleman being overheard had powerful brokers seeking to profit from the expansion of genre boundaries and thus working on his behalf? Otherwise, I’m left to conclude that 1. she was speaking, you know, loosely; or, 2. he’s very rich.


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