dong redux


I received my dental bill from Dr. Dong today. It was handwritten. Should I think this is weird? And, if weird, is it weird in a hipster-down-home-indie-dentist way, or just weird in a bad way?

Also: Dial Idol and the prediction markets still think that Scatterplot’s own David Cook is going to win American Idol despite the best efforts of the judges to crown his competitor, the sounds-great-until-you-realize-he-does-not-actually-have-a-soul and you-would-die-if-you-had-to-listen-to-an-entire-album-of-his David Archuleta. If they are right, my faith in democracy continues to swell. (Although I’m suspicious that the Dial Idol results are just a ruse intended to keep the outcome in suspense instead of Archuleta being the obvious winner.)

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

6 thoughts on “dong redux”

  1. Another reason for Scatterplot to endorse David Cook: I recently learned I am distantly related to him. My mom’s husband is cousin once removed, though I don’t think they keep in touch.


  2. The youth are our future. (!!)

    So, this just in from my teen-aged cousin:

    “It’s widely known that most of Archuleta’s fans are teenage girls, and David Cook’s fanbase covers a broader range of age groups. USA Today did an extensive poll that supported this. A lot of Cookies (as we’re so cleverly called) believe that the voting window being extended until 1 gave us the advantage, since a lot of Archies (as they’re called) are still in high/middle school, and today is a school day. And we also think Simon criticizing DC (as well as the judges blatant favoritism of DA throughout the round) was a subtle manipulation to get Cookies to vote more fervently. I think the producers have been making efforts over the last few weeks to set up Cook for the win, because just about every media source that covers the show recognizes Cook as a guy who shows hard work, originality and creativity, and Archuleta as a young talent who’s confined to the same love ballad genre each week. So the show will be more of a popularity contest than a talent competition if David Archuleta took the win. Which I don’t think he did. Cook did better over the course of the season, and what with the Dial Idol numbers… it looks like his fan base overlooked last night and carried him to victory.”

    Take that! (and yes, this is my not-so-subtle pop music Joke-o-The-Day)


  3. i like the concept of an indie dentist. Have you noticed any other clues towards his indie cred? i would check for:

    -adbusters, film comment, or bitch instead of highlights, field & stream, or parenting in the waiting room

    -vampire weekend playing gently over the whirring drills

    -pumas, hoodies, or skinny jeans on the hygienist staff


  4. “a hipster-down-home-indie-dentist way”

    I recently finished hand-writing a bunch of thank you notes and think your dentist may be trying a new approach to dentistry… hand-written bills, a personal touch to say thank you for your patronage!


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