backstage, to your right

Pitseleh and I are having a most awesome discussion about the Goffmanian concept of backstage.  Original post here, followed by part I and part 2.  My tangentially related post here, and a conversation between Pitseleh and I on the elusiveness of the backstage can be found here.

Go read. You know you want to procrastinate. I know you do, because you didn’t install Leechblock, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

Pitseleh is suggesting that I beg one of you to get me a $10 vistor’s pass to ASA 2008, and I can probably crash at a law prof friend’s house somewhere in Cambridge.  She says that I can sneak into receptions and eat free food, and so all I have to do is scrounge up the airfare. I am sorely tempted, because I really want a Scatterplot ribbon. And given the success of WickedA’s new voodoo doll business, maybe I should start up a boutique of my own.

6 thoughts on “backstage, to your right”

  1. There are so many interesting panels that it’d be worth it. I would have loved to have gone to LSA this year, but it’s not affordable, although Montreal would be great.

    I’d need to sell a lot of handmade cards and iron-on T-shirts to pay for a flight to Boston though. I can also bead, clearly!

    When I become a professor I will be like Horatio Alger and buy grad students food and let them crash at my house if there’s a conference my school is hosting.


  2. Until Shamus persuaded me not to go! I thought “oh, interesting panels on labor and organizations.” Then I realized “crap, I don’t know anyone outside of this blogosphere, and Jeremy Fucking Freese isn’t going to have the time of day for me.”


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