mario kart party at your house: may 30

Who needs to wait for the ASA party? Not us. I am announcing the first official Scatterplot Mario Kart Wii Party, to take place at 9pm EDT on Friday, May 30.

Everyone is welcome, even those orgtheory guys who, I have been told, can’t tell a blue shell from a banana peel. Readers, writers, and lurkers are all warmly invited. Twelve of us can play against each other at a time, and I imagine that we can add to the laughs by opening up a group iChat or Skype or something to talk with each other while we’re racing.* Maybe some of you folks who live near each other can get together in the “real” world, hopefully with cocktails. If you live around me, come on over to my house (this means you, Mac Soc grad students).

Here are our MarioKart IDs:

  • Tina 3780-9713-8590
  • Lane 5413-0319-8725

If you’d like to join the fun, leave your ID in the comments, and when we settle on a communication tool, we can exchange those IDs, too. If you don’t want the world to know your ID, we can email them around when we know who is joining in. I hope you can make it!

*Helpful suggestions on cross-platform communication tools are most welcome.

12 thoughts on “mario kart party at your house: may 30”

  1. I would’ve been happy to join at Jeremy’s (assuming he would’ve been willing to host), but May 30th is opening night for the SATC movie and I’ve already made plans with friends to see it in NYC.:-)


  2. i have a Wii and MarioKart in the mail to me as we speak (i hear it actually arrived today, but i’m not home). i don’t have an ID yet, but will before then.

    i’d be juiced (yes, i said juiced) to join in. Shamus, you in? Or have your own? Others of you who live in NYC (who aren’t attending the movie with Ezster) and want to hop in on this lemme know. i don’t know how many controllers that particular game will support from one place, but we’ll find a way to make it work.


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