Is there anything sweeter than a 4-year-old playing soccer? Maybe, but I still have to share this photo of the Kid’s first soccer game with you:

It makes me think that I should organize more activities in which the Kid runs around without a clear purpose other than for my viewing pleasure. Do they make cat toys for kids?

8 thoughts on “soccerling”

  1. Awww . . . I remember these games! My kids are older now and their sweat actually smells like sweat – not as cute. My favorite was when 7 of them (or whatever the rules are in your league) were in a clump with the coach shouting “spread out!” 2 were in the backfield picking “flowers” (AKA weeds), and 1 was busy trying to get his snack before the half.


  2. What Tina said. But now it is more like, “WHEW!?!?!?! is that my baby whose sweat I used to want to lick?” and the oh-so-gentle, “did you put on deoderant today, honey?”


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