6 thoughts on “wii-fresh.”

  1. Where do you live, Jessica? I think they’re sporadically available around NYC.

    I used itrackr.com at some point, which seems to work (I’ve bought 3 of them in the last couple years, one for us and two for others, all for $250 retail)


  2. It’s sporadically available here, in South Bend, but I don’t have the patience to check often enough to find one. My son’s dad, who’s the one ultimately paying for it, is in Tucson right now. I’ve sent him the wiitracker address so that he can obsessively refresh as well (besides, he works nights, so I figure he’s better able to get the midnight deals when they pop up). I’ll check out itrackr too. It’s nice that it works for more than Wii. :)


  3. Go wait in line at the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center, about 1-2 hours before the store opens. I bought one as a gift for a friend on the first try. It was a pain standing out there early, but it was worth it, as my friend was happy.

    Another idea would be to befriend someone who works at Best Buy. My sister was able to buy a Wii this way, when her best-buy-employed friend called her about a shipment that had just arrived, and she was able to run down and buy one.


  4. I got one for my sisters for the holiday this past year. I just went to Target and said something like this to the guy at the electronics counter: I know that you would never defy Target rules and tell a customer when the Wii shipment comes in. However, if I showed up here at, say, dawn on Sunday and lined up outside, do you think I would leave disappointed?

    Actually there was a guy and a girl there. The guy pulled the old “play dumb” act, but the girl walked away with me and told me that it was true, she would never defy the rules of her employer, and that I might want to stop by and stand outside around dawn on Sunday. So I did. And I got one! I did have to stand there for a few hours, but I got it at normal retail price.

    I hear they get a shipment about once a month, regardless of season, and that they always sell out before you can blink. For instance, they actually opened the store an hour early that morning and marched the 20-30 people who were in line through to the electronics department to purchase Wiis (one per customer), and then escorted them out. So the entire shipment was sold out the day it arrived before the store actually opened.

    This reminds me that I want to get one for myself!


  5. I got an email today from Toys R Us that they were expecting a large shipment soon. The email stated that you could go down to your local Toys R Us on Saturday and complete a reservation form. I may try it.


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