contest feature!

When I was in New Orleans for a conference last week, I left my sportsjacket somewhere with my cell phone inside. It was later recovered, but while it was lost I had the bright idea of calling it from the phone in my hotel room. I hung up as soon as my voicemail picked up. I will give an official Scatterplot virtual kewpie doll to the person with the closest guess to what the Sheraton New Orleans charged for this phone call.

Update: Ann’s suspicion that she was going to win the kewpie doll was correct. The amount on my hotel bill is $12.35.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

13 thoughts on “contest feature!”

  1. $9.44 But does anyone know about the economics of this? How much did hotels count on getting from phone charges in the pre-cell days? Have they already made up for the loss by a similar rise in room rates? What kinds of fixed and monthly costs do they pay for their phone systems? And so on.

    At my university, there’s talk of replacing office phones with cell phones as a way of saving money.


  2. oh crud — that was Kieran’s guess. I will say $7.51 (in true Price is Right spirit). Now, who knows what you get if you get the price exactly on the P is R?

    I’ll tell you – $100 bonus. Bob just gives it to you in cash when you run up on stage. Unless you are a woman. Then he tells you to take it out of his pocket. And people were surprised when he was sued for sexual harassment? Bleck.


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